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An Extraordinary Limo Awaits

By writer (532 words)
Posted in Events on April 14, 2015

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Planning grand celebrations and especially a wedding can be tiring. It may not only be a wedding, it can also be a prom night, and bachelor event. But a hit party is incomplete without a deluxe ride. Imagine what would it be like to drive in your own limousine without spending too much on actually buying one?

Keith and Katie of Ultimate Party Bus and Limo have come up with a brilliant solution to help you realize this dream. You mighty already know that Ultimate Party Bus and Limo provides extraordinary, luxury vehicle services for special events. Actually, the New Jersey natives have been providing limo services for more than ten years. And now, (drumroll please) Katie and Keith’s limo fleet boasts of a magnificent Austin Princess Valden Plas as one of their most popular rides. This antique model was purchased by Ultimate Party Bus and Limo and is being completely refurbished. It will be ready for rentals in June, just in time for prime wedding season.

Brief History of Austin Princess

The Princess was a series of large luxury cars made by The Austin Motor Company Limited. The intention was to build a classy car, with a whole new look and comfort provided. Austin Princess was the most expensive car designed during the world war. This spacious car that accommodated up to eight seats was in high demand back then.  Decades later, it still maintains its unique charm. The beautiful luxury car continues to generate the same awe-inspiring feeling when you see it as it did the first time.

A Belgium-based blacksmith business of making axles and horse-carriages later took a different shape to lead to the creation of the Princess series of cars. It was founded by Guillaume van den Plas, who called it Carrosserie Van den Plas.  When the business flourished, Austin went to Vanned Plas to share a vision to create market a chauffeur-driven version of its self-designed huge 4-litre Rolls Royce sized car at only two third of its prize. Vanden Plas became a subsidiary of the Austin Motor Company. With an invincible determination and hard work few years later the Princess became the Vanden Plas Princess.  Various models of the Princess have been developed since then.

The first princess was an extremely heavy-looking model. In those times, the royal beauty was only used in ceremonial duties or as limos-for-hire. Mark I, II and III versions brought more modifications to the car, making it a seven seater and elongating the wheelbase. The overall look of the car, has, however, stayed beautiful and perhaps even more so.


This princess car is truly made for a princess wedding. With its regal beauty and presence, it will be an affordable yet extravagant-looking addition to the ceremony. The car is air conditioned for additional comfort. It has six to eight seats with flexible seating configuration. It also comes with a wide range of interior colour schemes.

All in all, it’s the perfect car for a special wedding or an upbeat evening with your close friends and family.

Call Ultimate Party Bus and Limo now at 973-722-2111 to reserve this truly beautiful vehicle.


#UniqueLimos #NewJerseyLimo #AustinPrincessValdenPlas

Jeff Rollin



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