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Saddle Brook New Jersey Limo

By writer (402 words)
Posted in Events on September 16, 2015

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Saddle Brook New Jersey Limo

Saddle Brook New Jersey


Saddle River Township and Saddle Brook is an area where limos and party buses are a common sight. The area’s proximity to New York City and demographics lends itself to the increased popularity of limos in this part of New Jersey.

Saddle Brook was created on March 20, 1716, consisting of all of the territory in Bergen County west of the Saddle River, making it one of the oldest municipalities in Bergen County. It was incorporated on February 21, 1798, as one of the initial group of 104 townships incorporated in New Jersey.

After its formation in 1716, Saddle River Township was split up in 1772 by a royal decree, with the northern half becoming Franklin Township, named after the last royal governor of New Jersey, William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin. Pompton Township was established in 1797 from parts of both Franklin and Saddle River Townships west of the Ramapo River, leaving sections of both townships disconnected to the west of Pompton Township. West Milford Township was formed from the discontinuous, western sections of both Franklin and Saddle River townships in 1834.

Limo fleets near Saddle Brook are not only common, but it isn’t unusual to see many of vehicles that are owned and operated  by Ultimate Party Bus and Limo, one of New Jersey’s largest family owned limo and party bus companies.


Limos are very busy in Saddle Brook, taking New Jersey residents and visitors to venues, hotels, airports and many New Jersey points of interest. Residents and visitors in the area find limos to be a reliable, safe and cost efficient form of transportation.

A Saddle Brook area limo company will always be able to offer the fastest route to your point of destination without the suspicious overcharges that sometimes result from other forms of private transportation.

Check with your Saddle Brook area limo company today for advice on limos and party buses, including which are right for you based on the requirements of your group. Then, go ahead and book early so that you can exactly the type of vehicle you want when you want it.

( Limo Pictures here)

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