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Why Limo Over Taxi

By writer (508 words)
Posted in Events on June 15, 2015

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Why Limo Over Taxi

It’s definitely the taxi alternative. Also an Uber alternative.

Many people still think that the only time to use a limo is when there is a special event or important occasion. This is no longer true.

Limos are increasingly being used in situations where a taxi was the only mode of transportation considered. Moreover, there are some people who have the misconception that limos are an expensive ride. But for people who want to feel safe, comfortable and arrive on time, a limo is superior.

This writer still recalls a trip to New Jersey last year and all the mishaps with taxis over a two-day period. One taxi arrived very late to take me to a business appointment. The taxi also had no functioning air conditioning on a 95-degree New Jersey day. Then, the next taxi I called for was stopped on a major highway outside of Wayne, New Jersey for speeding and illegally passing another car, while I was the passenger. Besides the delay in getting to my next appointment, the officer warned the driver to drive more carefully.

The next day, I left The Marriott Residence Inn in Wayne, New Jersey and was waiting for a very long period of time for the next taxi. Finally, a taxi arrived and the original taxi I was waiting for was behind the hotel with two flat tires. The first driver was waiting for a tow truck!

This really happened to me over the space of two days. Well, you get the picture.

Another great feature of limos is that you can choose from the best companies, many of which have an extensive limo fleet. Companies with large, diversified fleets like Ultimate Party Bus and Limo offer almost any type of limo that you prefer.

Another issue with taxis is that that they charge you by the minute for each mile travelled. A limo charges fees hourly, and you can often book blocks of time, including for off peak limo specials. For heavy traffic or long distance rides a limo is much more practical than a taxi service.

To get a taxi service you have to wait much longer, and often, especially in busy urban areas, you will keep standing in a line waiting for a taxi to arrive. A limo service is altogether a much more relaxing experience, since you do not have to wait. You can book your limo online stating the address to pick you up from and then have the chauffeur arrive in advance to greet A taxi driver is ordinary when compared to a chauffeur who is much more skilled, courteous and has a pleasant and professional appearance. A taxi driver will always serve you in haste trying to make you reach your destination quickly without taking care of your comfort.

There is so much to consider with limos, all on the positive side. For more information, contact Ultimate Party Bus and Limo today. You’ll be glad you did.


#TaxiAlternative #UberAlternative #TaxicabAlternative #NewJerseyLimo

Jeff Rollin

Google Plus | Jeff Rollin

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